Hello! Do you own pub/restuarant/cafe? Do you still use old-school stamps to give discounts to your customers? Have you ever wanted to run an app promotion to retain your customers? Maybe its time to try Quizcast. We build loyalty gamification app that would help your customer to play and earn rewards in your cafe, and you - get more customers and more money!

Entertain your visitors

Retain your customers by providing community amd for your visitors!

Online Pubquiz

Organize pubquiz for your customers on your location. Thousands of questions and lots of fun! Great way to spend time for family or friends companies.

Weekly tournaments and ranking system

Let the competition thrive - only the best would win.

Get Customers

Use new ways to market and target your customers.

Manage the game

Configure when you want the pubquiz running to fine-tune when you want to attract additional customers.

Deals and promotions

Configure the prizes to reward those who play and visit your premises more frequently.

Push notifications

Send push notifications with your new deals and promotions to pubquiz players.

Pubquiz Directory

Appear on the directory of the pubquiz games in your city.



We use Quizcast app to attract new customers for online pubquiz games! We love it!

Pub Owner


I like to play the pubquizes in cafes and restuarants when I'm bored or waiting for someone. Why waste time when you can play and get good deals?

App user


This app helps us to better understand our customers and reward our frequent visitors. There is no other way to retain loyal customer, than to make him save some money!

Restuarant manager